Funel's Client Management

Funel's Client Management allows marketing companies to manage their clients with ease and efficiency.

Funel’s Client Management panel is designed to streamline the entire client management process, providing a one-click solution to various administrative tasks.

It allows admins to add new clients, remove clients, grant and revoke client access, assign employees to projects, and change client credentials.

Clients are the lifeline of any business, and it's important to manage them effectively and efficiently. Our tool is designed to be fast, and user-friendly for both admins and clients

Advantages of Using Funel’s Client Management Feature:

Funel's Client Management offers one-stop solution for managing your clients and their projects. With just a few clicks, administrators can:

1. Approve new clients

2. Reset client passwords

3. Assign employees to specific clients

• One-Click Management: Funel simplifies the process for admins to approve or revoke access, change credentials, add new clients, remove clients, and deploy employees on projects with just one click. When we say one click, we mean it.

• Enhanced Security: Funel’s decentralized architecture provides heightened security in client data management. The decentralized nature of Funel adds layer of security in managing sensitive client data.

• Improved Client Onboarding Experience: Funel enhances the client onboarding experience, setting a positive tone for the business relationship.

How To Manage Your Client's

client management tool
Client Management Panel

Approving a New Client:

• Login to the admin panel.

• Navigate to the client list.

• Select the client and click on the 'Approve' button.

Changing a Client's Password:

• In cases where a client forgets their password, go to the client's profile in the admin panel.

• Click on 'Change Password' and enter a new password.

Assigning an Employee to a Client:

• Click on 'Assign Employee' within the client’s profile.

• Select an employee from the list and confirm the assignment.

Each of these steps is designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Benefits Over Traditional Methods

Quick Client Approval: Streamline the process of bringing new clients on board.

Password Management: Ensure client accounts remain secure and accessible.

Employee Assignment: Optimize resource allocation by assigning the right employee to the right client.


Funel's Client Management is a professional and efficient tool for marketing companies to manage their clients. It simplifies the process of adding new clients, managing their access, and assigning employees to them. The best thing about Funel is its decentralized nature, which makes it more secure than traditional tools.