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Personalized outreach strategy that functions as a bridge between your business and your potential clients.

Create, manage & track all your sales outreach activities on a single, powerful Blockchain based platform.


Cold outreach is as outdated as dial-up connection! It's time to ditch those outdated sales techniques. Welcome to the era of personalized outreach. It's about connecting, understanding, and building relationships through authentic human interaction.

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Power of
Human Touch

People to People: We stand by the belief that people buy from people. In a world full of automated replies, we offer a human touch, a warm smile, and a genuine understanding of your needs.

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Value For

Looking for ways to optimize your sales funnel without overspending? Funel offers a cost-effective solution that equips you with everything needed to create the ultimate sales funnel - at less than the cost of a full-time employee.

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The Power of people

"No matter how advanced artificial intelligence becomes, remember: People buy from people. The human touch isn't just nice to have – it's the heartbeat of effective selling."

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It's the human touch that can turn customers into friends and transactions into relationships. Sales is about building relationships and trust, not just numbers.

We empower your sales teams with pre-qualified leads. Funel is your key to unlocking sales growth. Imagine the possibilities - more connections, more engagement, more growth.

When you entrust us with your projects, you know that you're not just hiring a team with 14+ years of experience. You're allying with a force that puts heart and soul into its work.

Funel is powered by blockchain technology - that's like a digital lock to keep your data safe. We ensure that your information is private and secure.

We're more than just a team of professionals; we're your strategic partners in sales. We work with you to turn your plans into powerful sales funnels. Think of us as your sales superheroes!

Time is money, particularly in the #sales industry. What if you could free up your time? Let us save your time, money, and heartache with our experienced team and proven strategies.

Innovative Minds, Caring Hearts:

We're a team of innovative minds and caring hearts, dedicated to your success. We put our heart and soul into solving your sales problems.

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1. Let's know your business

Our first step is to learn about your business, target market and sales goals. Our project manager will work closely with you to understand your goals and identify the target market that's perfect for your venture.

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2. Target Market Research

Now that we have detailed information regarding your target market and product, our Project Manager will get to work developing the outreach strategies. Once that is completed, we will schedule a consultation call with you to review and finalize the most effective strategies.

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3. All set and ready to go

With a solid strategy in place and a clear understanding of your project's details, it's time to hit the ground running. We will assign a dedicated Sales Expert to your project who will connect with your target market, generate quality leads, and schedule valuable appointments.

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Track our outreach

The real-time dashboard allows you to track daily, weekly, and monthly progress. Funel's real-time dashboard offers daily progress updates at your fingertips.

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Manage your appointments

Funel in-app appointment management system offers complete oversight of each appointment with easy-to-use interface that provides all the importants information you need before making a call.

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Effective communication

We have a dedicated 24X7 chat system that connects you directly to our project manager, ensuring that you can share your feedback and resolve any concerns quickly and efficiently.

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