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Why choose Funel?

We are the first decentralized lead generation company to provide complete ownership of leads. Four great reasons to choose us:

The decentralized nature of our app adds an extra layer of security to your leads.

New Leads
We don't resell your leads as other platforms do. Instead, we provide you with complete ownership of data.

Cost-effective solutions
Our pricing is the best in the market. We provide you with a customized price per lead for your requirements.

Full control
We will provide a simple, effective leads management panel to store, manage and work on your leads.

Why is lead generation important for my business?

"If the client is the heart of business success, then the leads is the valve that pumps a company's lifeblood. As such," Lead Generation is the backbone of any sales pipeline. We're here to help you develop unique strategies that will help you get qualified b2b leads.! Business without leads is a car without an engine. It doesn't matter how best your product is; you can't sell it if you don't have leads.

Why is decentralized?

Decentralization plays a vital role in rights management, as it allows for a digital asset to be distributed but not duplicated. This makes our entire lead generation process secure, and it connects our lead generation experts with the clients. The whole process provides complete ownership of your leads and adds an extra security layer to your sales funnel. A digital signature controls every lead – a lead is "signed" as a transaction on our blockchain, and after 3 level verification, it is added to the sales funnel. Your sales funnel will have a private key, and you will need to login into our application to access your leads.

Can you find custom leads?

Yes, we do; email or call us with all your requirements and our support team will check and revert within a few hours.

How many lead generation experts will you deploy?

It depends on your requirements. For example, some projects can be managed by three lead generation experts, and in some cases, we will have to deploy 10.

How can we start?

The first step is the signup process. Once you sign up, our system will deploy one funnel manager on your project and share all details with you through email. We also have 24X7 Phone support; you can also reach out to us by phone.

How can i access and download my leads?

We will add your leads to our Lead Management system, and you will access them from your dashboard. You just have to log in there, and you can view and download your leads in CSV or excel format.

How does your team generate leads?

We have a highly skilful team to generate leads with non-scripted. Our team contacts the most reliable businesses that have the potential to buy services from your company. From the decision-makers to CEOs, everyone can be the target of our lead generation professions. Our company never sells old and irrelevant data. We do not apply the bulk scrapping method, and there are 80 times more conversions in new data than old, outdated databases.

What problem do you solve for my B2B agency?

Several B2B businesses look for buying generic lead lists. However, these lists have inaccurate contact details. Some of them also rely on unpredictable inbound marketing campaigns. These techniques take years to provide the desired results. In addition, most of these leads are sold to multiple clients, reducing the conversion rate.

We solve their issues by deploying our lead generation and sales teams in creating profit-making sales funnels. In addition, our innovative prospecting services will solve their problems. More quality leads mean more business, and that's what we believe in.

How do you identify our potential clients?

We learn more about your business and make notes. Our team sets qualifications of leads based on employee count, budget, annual revenue, industry/vertical, job title/role, and some other details. Our team relies on these parameters and your inputs to compile the list of leads data. We also validate the lists and submit them for approval before adding them to the funnel.

How do you generate leads?

We use many platforms like Linkedin Sales Navigator Sales QL to extract the verified leads with different fields like email address, phone number and other information of our prospects. We have a robust lead generation system to extract your leads connected to multiple b2b platforms and validators. We have a highly skilful team to generate quality b2b leads. Our team contacts the most reliable businesses that have the potential to buy services from your company. From the decision-makers to CEOs, everyone can be the target of our lead generation professions.

Why should we choose your service?

We can foster the growth of your business with our B2B leads. Our team has distinguished itself with-

  • Performance-driven solution- We are committed to providing reliable and high-performing services to our clients. We work relentlessly to go beyond your anticipations.
  • Transparency- We provide you with a customized report, ensuring visibility into our regular activities. With our detailed information, your team can confidently make sales calls. Moreover, it will be easy to have a deep insight into every qualified lead delivered by our team.
  • Regular communications- Our scheduled partnership promotes synergy. As a result, your marketing campaign will quickly achieve success.   
  • Is a reliable platform?

    Yes, it is a GDPR compliant CRM and has encrypted technology. Your database will have an automatic backup. Moreover, the software undergoes third-party tests for security.

    How do I get benefit from your CRM?

    Our leads tool is the right choice for SMBs and startups with a sales team size of 1 to 100 sales representatives. We can provide you with an action-based AI-powered sales tool to help your sales team to manage all leads in one place. They can use the tool to ensure that the leads are in the pipeline. Moreover, you can make the sales cycles shorter and close more deals. Your sales manager will receive reports generated by the CRM.

    How will I customize my sales pipeline?

    You may develop several sales pipelines based on your needs. Moreover, you can add several steps needed to pass leads through the panel and close deals. The sales pipeline will give you a view of the position of your leads in the sales cycle.

    Is the appointment setting process really effective?

    Our dedicated appointment setters apply the best methodology to increase your sales potential. Our comprehensive appointment setting solutions include different tactics to draw the attention of decision-makers. We set appointments using web platforms, social platforms, email, and phone.

    What are the major roles of appointment setters?

    Appointment setters rely on a process to identify your leads, qualify them, and then set the grades. After identifying the lead quality, they set up appointments. However, they deal with multiple touchpoints like emails and phone calls. The best appointment setters always look for the ultimate decision-makers. This overall journey also involves lead nurturing to persuade the leads to buy your products and services.

    What are appointment setting services?

    In our systematic lead generation process, appointment setting is the last step. In this step, a prospect moves through your funnel and get qualified. It also shows interest in communicating with your sales representative. Our professionals will set the appointment with your prospects based on their availability.

    Is it guaranteed that your qualified leads will close deals?

    Your sales team plays a role in increasing the sales rate by taking advantage of our qualified leads. But, in most cases, it is easy to turn our leads into clients by convincing them to make a purchase. Therefore, we always identify qualifying factors before making our lead database.

    Can I speak to someone directly about your lead generation process

    We are the most easily accessible service providers. You can call us right now as our diligent team stays active 24/7 to respond to our valuable customers. So get in touch with us to create your sales funnel. We connect great companies with the best buyers looking for their services.

    How are you different from others?

    Other lead generation platforms or funnel companies resell your data to others clients as well. The exact lead goes to 10 clients, making it difficult for your sales teams to close them. As a result, the conversion rate is low. In our case, we use proper filters and extract leads that fall in your target market.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    Once you agree on our pricing, our funel manager will send you an invoice through email. You can make the payments by card, and you will receive the confirmation email as soon as we receive your payments.