Funel Video Tutorials

In these walkthrough videos, we'll explain the step-by-step process to use the funel application. You will learn how to receive your leads, download, invoice management and project management.

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Why What makes us different from the rest?

This video will give you a complete understanding of It will provide you with a comprehensive overview of our process and services.

How to login,view and download your leads ?

This video guides you with onboarding process and step by step process to download, manage and view your leads using funel dashboard.

How to communicate with project manager and change settings?

Learn how you can communicate with your project manager and change your account settings.

How to View, download and pay invoices?

Learn how you can view, download and pay pending invoices.

How to raise a support ticket and check the progress?

Learn how you can view, track and create support tickets.

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