Funel: Let's Send Emails Not Spams

Funel’s Spam Checker is an advanced tool designed to identify and remove spam-triggering keywords in emails and pitch messages, ensuring that your emails reach the inbox, rather than getting lost in spam folders.

Email marketing is not about how many emails you send; it's about sending the right emails to the right people. Quality over quantity – spamming tarnishes your brand's reputation. Spamming isn't just bad marketing; it's a missed opportunity for genuine connection. We hate spam, and that's why we have developed Funel's spam checker, which allows you to validate your emails and pitch messages for spam triggers before sending them to your clients.

Funel's Spam Checker significantly influences the success of email campaigns by identifying and removing elements that trigger spam filters. It improves email deliverability rates and your domain's reputation.

How does spam checker work

Funel's Spam Checker operates with a clear objective - to ensure that emails and pitches sent by marketing companies are free from content that could land them in spam folders:

• Scanning for Spam Keywords: The tool scans the content to identify and flag words or phrases commonly associated with spam. The checker employs advanced algorithms to analyze email content.

• Real-Time Feedback: As users draft their emails, the Spam Checker provides real-time feedback, highlighting areas that need modification to avoid spam filters.

• Customizable Settings: Users can tailor the sensitivity and parameters of the spam check according to their specific needs, ensuring a balance between thoroughness and message integrity.

• Enhances Email Deliverability: By minimizing the risk of emails being marked as spam, the tool significantly improves the chances of emails reaching their intended recipients' inboxes.

Key Features of the Spam Checker

Funel's Spam Checker is equipped with several key features that enhance its effectiveness in email marketing:

• Increased Email Deliverability Rates: Funel's spam checker helps you identify all spam-triggering elements and reduces the likelihood of emails being sent to spam folders.

• Improved Engagement with Clients: 90% of users don't read emails sent to the spam folder. Clients are more likely to respond and interact with emails that are relevant, well-written, and, importantly, visible in their primary inbox.

• Campaign Performance: A successful campaign is one that reaches its target audience. Funel's spam checker streamlines the content creation process, enabling you to create effective, professional, and spam-free content for your campaign.

How to use Spam Checker

Spam Checker

Funnel's spam checker is designed for two things: spam-free emails and improving domain reputation. When the spam score is low, it's obvious the domain reputation will be high. We have created this tool for employees of marketing companies to empower them.

• Once logged in, employees can find the Spam Checker in their dashboard.

• To access the Spam Checker, please select it from the left side of the menu. You can either paste the content there or write it in the text box.

• The Spam Filter will detect spammy content in real time, and on the right side, you will have the option to view the Spam Score. It highlights the spammy content in red.

• Well-written emails should have a score of 90% or higher. This score ensures that your emails are spam-free and protects your domain reputation.


Funel’s Spam Checker is an essential tool in the modern email marketing industry. It helps marketing companies avoid spam by eliminating spam-triggering elements. It is developed to improve email deliverability, domain reputation, and overall campaign performance.