Funel's Real-Time Updates Module

This comprehensive resource document provides marketing companies with a complete guide to Funel's Real-Time Updates Module.

Sending real time updates to your clients is a crucial aspect of maintaining transparent and effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Funel's real-time update feature allows your employees to keep their clients informed about daily updates, latest developments, campaign progress, and to share critical updates regarding the project.

How to Send Real Time Updates

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The process of sending updates is streamlined and user-friendly. Employees update the dashboard data, which is immediately accessible to clients. To send updates, employees must log in to their Funel account and navigate to the 'Updates' section to upload dashboard data.

This functionality enables clients to access daily work updates instantaneously. The kind of data that can be uploaded includes: Your employees can upload data points, for example:

• Total number of engagements on that particular day.

• Total number of emails sent on that particular day.

• Total outreach on that particular day.

• Total Connections send on that particular day.

• Total number of social media interactions.

Sending Real Time Updates

The Funel Dashboard makes it easy for your employees to upload data related to lead generation, appointment setting or social media and share it with clients.

When an employee adds new information, such as appointment settings or lead generation data, clients receive these updates in real-time. Steps to share live updates:

• Login to Employee Panel. Click on "Add Appointment".

• Select the client. Enter details like appoinment time, mode, date, and company and individuals information.

• Submit these details directly to the clients.

Clients can view and download these details from their dashboard.

Customizing the Updates Module

One of the distinguishing features of the Funel Update Module is its customizability. Every business has unique needs and operational methodologies. Funel acknowledges this diversity and offers tailor-made solutions. For instance, a social media company can have the module customized to reflect metrics specific to social media campaigns and interactions. Funel allows for customization of the update modules to suit specific business requirements.

Benefits of Real-Time Updates

• We live in a world where information is continuously generated and consumed. In such an environment, the delay in sharing vital project updates can lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and even business losses.

• Improved Communication: Regular updates create a culture of open communication, keeping clients consistently informed about project progress.

• Clients receive real-time notifications as soon as new data is uploaded. This ensures immediate communication of any updates related to their project.

• Transparency is pivotal in maintaining healthy client relationships. Funel's real-time updates provide clients with a clear and current view of their project's status and progress.


The Real-Time Updates Module is a critical component for effective project management and client relations. Funel empowers employees to easily share progress and data, enhancing client communication and satisfaction. By adhering to the best practices outlined in this guide, users can maximize the benefits of Funel for effective client updates and relationship building.