Funel's Requirements Gathering Panel

Funel's Requirements Gathering Tool helps marketing companies in identifying the client's exact requirements from start to finish.

Understanding client needs is important for launching any marketing campaign. Funel's requirement Panel is designed to streamline and simplify this process, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of collecting essential information such as target market locations, preferred titles, and targeted industries from your clients.

The panel's design simplifies the traditionally cumbersome process of requirements gathering. Now, you don't have to send Google or Zoho forms. Clients can directly submit requirements through the Funel dashboard.

Overview of Requirements Gathering Panel

• Personal Details: Funel's requirements panel assists you in gathering personal details, including the client's first, last name, location and email address.

• Company Information: Collect information about your client's company, including the company name, website, and size. This data helps you understand the products or services your client offers.

• Target Market Details: The panel assists you in collecting target market details, such as location, target industries, target titles, target company size, etc.

• Attachments: The Funel panel allows your clients to attach pitch emails, pitch decks, or any other documents they feel will be useful in launching the campaign.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

• Simple Client Interface: Clients are provided a link to input their requirements, making the process user-friendly. Replaces traditional methods like emails or third-party forms, enhancing efficiency.

• Backend and Data Management: Admins are notified as soon as new requirements are submitted, and they can also download them in PDF format. This helps the admin to deploy the right resources for the project.

• User Friendly: We understand that requirements gathering is the first step in your sales process. We ensure it's easy for your clients to submit the details, making the entire process of requirements gathering smooth and professional.

How Does The Requirements Panel Work

Requirement Panel

Funel's Requirements Panel provides a user-friendly interface for both clients and administrators. In just a few minutes, you can collect all the necessary details and analyze them. Here are the steps to gather requirements from your clients:

• Streamlined Submission Process: You can directly send a link to your clients or add it to your website. This makes it easy for your clients to access and fill in the required information, eliminating the need for complex forms or email chains.

• Efficient Information Reception: Once the client submits their details, the admin is notified, and the information is stored in the backend system. This setup ensures that the marketing company receives accurate and organized data.

• PDF Data Download: The requirements allow you to download this collected information in PDF format, making it easy for you to share those details with your employees.

Benefits Over Traditional Methods

Funel's Requirements Panel stands out from traditional tools like Google Forms. Unlike generic tools, the Requirements Panel is specifically designed to cater to the needs of marketing companies, resulting in more accurate and relevant data collection. With over 15 years of experience in the sales industry, we understand the critical importance of gathering precise client requirements.


In summary, The success of any marketing campaign depends on a deep understanding of the client's needs. When you comprehend your client's requirements, you've already achieved half the task. The Funel Requirements Panel assists you in gathering and understanding your clients' target market and industry.