Funel's Proposal Creation Panel

A proposal is not just a document; it's a promise of value. A well-prepared proposal is your roadmap to business success

The art of creating personalized and professional proposals is fundamental in capturing the attention of your potential clients.

Funel's Proposal Creator simplifies the process of creating personalised proposals for marketing companies.

Funel's proposal creator helps you in creating proposals that are good-looking, easy to understand, and easy to access.

Proposed Solutions Section

In the Proposed Solutions section of Funel's Proposal Creator, marketing companies can explain their strategies and services according to their clients' needs. It enables them to demonstrate their understanding of a client's challenges and present solutions.

The tool allows you to add the client's company logo and company details to make it look very professional.

Deliverables Overview

We strongly believe that simplicity and clarity lead to better business decisions. That's the principle we have followed while developing our proposal creator. The Deliverables section of Funel's Proposal Checker provides a clear understanding of your solutions and services to your clients.

Funel's proposal creator enables you to present your proposal in the best possible way. You can add pie charts and other visual tools to clarify the deliverable structure, making it easier for your clients to understand the importance of the services provided and to set accurate expectations.

The Authorized Signatory section in Funel's Proposal Checker allows you to sign the proposal and enables your clients to approve it. This feature streamlines the approval process, making it convenient for clients to recognize the proposal as legitimate.

Proposals can be easily downloaded in PDF format or generated as live links for easy client access. These functionalities offer marketing professionals flexibility in how they present their proposals to clients.

How To Create Proposals Using Proposal Creator

Funel Proposal Creator

Funel's Proposal Creator is designed to help companies create highly personalized, solution-oriented, and result-driven proposals for clients. The graphical view makes it easy for your clients to understand your proposal. Here are the steps to use the Proposal Creator:

• Funel's Proposal Creator can be accessed by logging into the admin dashboard.

• Once logged in, you can upload your client's logo in the right-side section by simply selecting your client's company logo and clicking 'Save'.

• In the 'Proposal To' section, please write down your client's name, address, and any other details you wish to include.

• Now you can start writing about the proposed solutions and deliverables.

• The Graphical View makes it easy for you to input deliverables data, allowing your clients to have a visual view of the deliverables.

• The final section is for the authorized signatory, so you will need to mention your client's name, address, and contact information.

• Great job! Now you are ready to download the proposal. Simply click on the 'Download' button to get your proposal in PDF format or click on 'Generate Link' to obtain the link to your proposal.


Proposals serve as the bridge between opportunity and success in business and is the first thing your client receives from you end. We have streamlined this entire process for our users, making it easy for them to send detailed and good- looking proposals to their clients. The additional functionalities of PDF downloads and live link generation help you to present your proposal in both PDF format or as a live link.