Funel's Invoice Management Pannel

Funel's Invoice Management tool enables you to efficiently manage, create, track, send and update invoices.

The primary role of Funel’s Invoice Panel is to simplify the creation, sending, and management of invoices. It enables your team to generate detailed invoices and send them with just a few clicks.

This efficient process not only saves valuable time but also makes it easy for your clients to manage and pay those invoices.

Invoice Pannel Overview

A well-managed invoice system is like a well-oiled machine – it keeps the business running smoothly, which is the principle behind Funel's invoice management development. Here’s an overview of its key features:

• Real-Time Invoice Tracking: The panel provides real-time tracking of every invoice sent, including status updates like 'sent', 'viewed', and ‘paid'.

• Comprehensive Invoice Management: Users can manage all invoices from a centralized dashboard, offering a clear overview of all financial transactions.

• The tool simplifies the entire process of creating, sending, and managing invoices, transforming what is traditionally a complex task into a streamlined operation.

• Invoice Customization: The Funel invoice builder allows you to add your company logo, adjust layouts, and use your brand colors, ensuring each invoice reflects the professional image of your business.

Sending Invoices to Client's

Invoice Overview

Funel's Invoice Panel is user friendly and easy to use. Here's a detailed breakdown of each step involved in this process:

Logging into the Admin Dashboard:

• The first step involves logging into the admin dashboard and selecting the invoice button on the right side.

• Once in the Invoice Panel, the next step is to select the client from the drop-down menu. This menu lists all the clients, making it easy to find your clients.

Filling in Invoice Details:

• After selecting the client, the next step is to fill in the crucial details of the invoice. This includes: Setting the due date, invoice amount and description details.

Enter the Payment Link:

• A key feature of Funel’s Invoice Panel is the ability to embed a direct payment link into the invoice, making it easy for your clients to pay directly from their dashboard panel.

Sending the Invoice to the Client:

• The final step is to send the invoice to the client. With all details verified, you can click the 'Send Invoice' button to send the invoice directly to the client's dashboard


Funel's Invoice Panel simplifies the invoicing process, making it more efficient and user-friendly for both admins and clients. The integration of real-time updates and tracking features makes Funel's Invoice Panel a powerful tool for managing your financial transactions.