Funel's AI Assistant

Funel's tools are designed to assist your employees in writing accurate and effective responses to messages or emails. They are designed to empower your employees and save time.

Funel's AI Pitch Creator and AI Reply Assistant are specifically designed for marketing companies to help their employees communicate with clients and prospects. These innovative tools are designed to create personalized replies and pitches with precision and effectiveness.

This resource module explains the features and benefits of these tools. The AI Pitch Creator uses the latest version of Chat GPT, and it has been fine-tuned for the marketing industry.

Funel's AI Pitch Creator is a smart AI tool designed to add a human touch to every pitch it creates. It's developed to assist marketing professionals in writing persuasive and impactful pitch messages or emails. This tool understands the nuances of the marketing industry and ensures that every message you send resonates perfectly with its intended audience.

What Are the Benefits of Using an AI Pitch Message Creator?

Time Efficiency: Funel's AI response generator assists employees in writing multiple suggestions for any message, thereby reducing response time.

Consistency in Quality: Funel's pitch creator and response generator have been developed and fine-tuned for the marketing industry. They understand the importance of a human touch in every sales pitch they create or reply they write.

Deep Learning: The tools are designed to self-learn about the industry and keep updated with the latest marketing trends. The more you interact with them, the more they will learn. That's the beauty of Funel's AI tools.

Responsiveness: It quickly generates replies to maintain momentum in conversations.

Quality Assurance: We understand that nothing is perfect, and the same applies to AI. However, at Funel, we have rigorously tested our tools to create clear, accurate, and professional pitches or replies. We continuously train our AI system to be smart and efficient.

Getting Started with Funel's AI Tools: A Step-by-Step Guide

AI Pitch Message Creator

Let's get started. The first step is to log in to Funel's Employees module and navigate to the Pitch Creator section, which is located in the left sidebar.

Select the Right Tool: Once you are inside AI tools module, you can choose either Pitch Creator or Reply Assistant based on your requirements.

Let's start with the Pitch Creator: Fill in the required information such as the target audience, company details, and the purpose of the pitch. The AI will suggest content and formats suitable for the context. Now, you can customize the suggested content to meet specific needs.

AI Reply Assistant

Reply Assistant: The Reply Assistant is designed for writing replies to your clients' messages. Simply enter the message or email in the input field and select the intent (e.g., Rapport building, pitch, or sales). The AI analyzes the content and suggests appropriate responses. This is designed to make your job easier; however, we do suggest reading it again to ensure it's 100% correct.


In conclusion, Funel's AI solutions are developed to empower your sales team to create meaningful, engaging, and successful interactions with their audience. We understand that in Sales and Marketing, human touch plays a vital role. We strongly believe that "humans buy from humans," which is why we have fine-tuned our AI tools to add that human touch to every single pitch or message it writes.