Privacy Policy

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Data privacy is always our top priority. Please read our Privacy Policy before using our web application, website, mobile application and subscribing to us. You will learn how we are committed to protecting our customers' private and confidential data and website visitors. You will also know your rights to control your data.

Private Data that we collect from visitors

While using our website and buying our services, you need to submit your name, contact details, email address, payment details, and other relevant information. You can directly submit your data to our team through email.

Personal data

We can interpret this personal data to know your identity. It primarily includes your name, mobile number, and email address. However, we never disclose your personal information to our business partners or any third party advertisement company without your consent.

Account-related data

To create your account at our website, you need to enter your name, password, email address, and other details. Then, when a user subscribes to our services, he gets a unique identification number.

Data policies for minors

Before accessing our website, you must confirm that your age is more than 16 years. When we have detected underage users, we will take steps for deleting such data from our database.

Data is collected automatically by our website.

When you visit our website for any purpose, our advanced technology automatically lets us collect some non-personal data. As you navigate through our platform, we collect and create our database. We may gather the data autonomously and with a third party's assistance. For instance, we try to collect information on how you use our website. We will not disclose your identity to anyone. However, our team needs to access your usage information, device details, IP address, OS, language preferences, browser, country, and technical information. We have analytical tools to interpret the data and maintain our website security.

Your rights

You can deny our request to provide discretionary personal details. However, in this case, we cannot offer full assistance from our side. We will not be liable for any bad experience while using our services.

Our cookies Policy

Our cookies and other technologies enable us to know your likes and dislikes. For instance, we learn about your preferred language and configuration. The strictly necessary cookies are always activated. However, you can adjust the settings of performance cookies, functional cookies, and targeting cookies. Our team has implemented Google Analytics cookies to track the activities of our visitors. We receive data with the use of cookies. The collected data helps make reports related to the service. You can turn on the DNT option from your web browser settings. However, we will not be able to give 100% access to some parts of our site in that case.

Our data protection policies

Our team has implemented safe and industry-standard security technologies to protect your data from misuse, loss, and unauthorized access. Moreover, we ensure that contractors, employees, and vendors accessing personal data always stick to legal rules. Thus, your personal information will be safe.

We have invested in premium software for malware scanning. Furthermore, as your information is confidential, we have made our website SSL certified. Our commercially acceptable security measures protect your data. But, no digital data transmission is method is 100% secure. That is why we use blockchain technology to secure your data. Our team has chosen technologies that prevent unauthorized access to your data. Illegal access will be a violation of laws.

Financial details

We do not collect your financial information when you make a transaction on our website. Bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, and other payment modes are acceptable. However, we never store any financial data; you must check the Privacy Policy of stripe to ensure data protection.

Amendment to our Privacy Policy

Our team will regularly amend, update, and review these policies occasionally. We have implemented the best technology for this purpose. So, we encourage every visitor to check this page to learn about the updates. To continue using our services without any issue, you must agree to our Privacy Policy. You can trust our team as we process your data on your behalf.

Our data usage policies

Our company uses the data for providing personalized services and operating the website. There are several other purposes-

•Connect with you in the information.

• Provide you with relevant services.

• Deal with legal issues when needed.

• Send promotional messages via email.

• Secure and maintain your account.

• Prevent abuse, fraud, and illegal activities.

• Offer better services and modification of our tools.