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FlexWork is a talent research service for medium scale businesses and Startups. They are a two-sided marketplace where Businesses and Startups (“Clients”) discover Developers and Engineers (“Talent”).


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200 employees

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8 members


Flex-Work is a talent finding service for Businesses and Startups. They are a two-sided marketplace where Businesses and Startups (“Clients”) discover Developers and Engineers (“Talent”) through their unique search on the FlexWork app. “Clients” can choose what they are looking for in a Developer or Software Engineer by selecting the relevant skills, viewing profiles and connecting directly within FlexWork. In addition, “Clients” can reach out and submit a job/project proposal and then request a meeting if the “Talent” accepts.


Our goal was to extract data of Talent leads like Software Developers, Software Engineers, Web developers, Web designers, Ops Engineers, Technical Architects, QA & Testing professionals. We also extracted data of those companies providing services like Software development, Web development, Web designing, Blockchain development, Android development, and Web Programming. We pulled real-time quality data in the following format: First Name, Last Name, Personal Email address, Personal phone number, Title, LinkedIn URL, Current Position, Company name, Address, Country Name, City, Zip code, Spoken language, Experience, Programming skills and Technology skills and added it to client's sales funnel.


We extracted about 1, 10,000 Talent Leads and B2B leads for FlexWork in less than six months. Our team pulled all leads and verified all fields before adding them to the funnel. We used many tools to extract the data with 100% accuracy, and we used to weekly report to our client. We gave them leads of B2B prospects, Agencies, Freelancers of different Titles and locations across the globe.

  • 32% Increase in Conversions.
  • 95% Email accuracy.
  • 180% Increase in Monthly Revenue.
  • Client Feedback

    Working with FUNEL.IO provides the additional benefit of human involvement in building valuable lead lists. Working with intelligent people who adjust quickly and deliver high-quality leads is terrific, especially when our requirements are complicated.

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