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Uniper Energy

Uniper, the energy supply giant based in Düsseldorf, has set its sights on a bold and ambitious mission: to Empower Energy Evolution. As part of this mission, they have announced their intention to make their power business in Europe carbon-neutral by 2035, with a significant increase in solar and wind capacity by 2025.

Uniper isn't just a regional player. As a global energy trader and leading European gas company, they have a diversified portfolio of long-term contracted volumes amounting to roughly 400 TWh annually. And they don't just stop at providing energy – they also design and implement innovative, climate-friendly solutions that drive the decarbonization journeys of cities, utilities, and industrial enterprises.

Uniper's Goals

Uniper, the pioneering force in the solar energy sector, subscribed to our services to use the power of LinkedIn marketing to reach out to like-minded businesses across Europe. Their aim was to connect with 2000 businesses who shared their passion for sustainable energy and develop meaningful relationships with key decision-makers. By leveraging the expertise of a LinkedIn marketing service, Uniper could effectively position themselves as a leader in the industry, making it easier for their sales team to engage with potential customers and drive growth.

Uniper's Results

With a sharp focus on building a targeted network of decision-makers, we kicked off our campaign with a powerful content marketing approach that resonated with their audience. we knew that a personalised touch was crucial in reaching the right people. Our mission was clear: connect with 2000 decision-makers who were passionate about their industry and primed to engage with Uniper's services. We never sacrificed quality for quantity, ensuring that every single connection we made was relevant and aligned with Uniper's target market. We successfully completed this ambitious project in just three short months.

  • We helped them connect with 2000 decision makers and developed personalized connect with them.
  • Build partnership with 3 companies related to their domain
  • Uniper's Feedback

    Funel's exceptional service went above and beyond our expectations, proving to be an invaluable partner in driving our sales success. They truly became an important part of our sales team and we would not hesitate to recommend Funel's services to anyone seeking a reliable and results-driven partner.

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