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Right Now Group

The RightNow Group is one of the most successful German legal tech companies. With their groundbreaking approach to buying legal claims arising from everyday life situations, both consumers and business partners can receive a speedy and fair resolution. The RightNow Group was founded by Phillip Eischet, Dr. jur. Benedikt Quarch and Dr. Torben Antretter.

They are the leading consumer factoring provider and one of the most successful German LegalTech startups. With its products, RightNow buys consumer claims from everyday life situations and pays a large part of their reimbursement within shortest time. The claims are checked using specially developed algorithms and enforced in court through highly automated processes.

Right Now's Goals

Upon initiating our collaboration with Right Now Group, we underwent a month-long trial period in which we endeavored to connect with European businesses that shared a mutual interest in partnering with them. Our primary objective was to establish a robust network of potential clients, with a particular emphasis on medium-sized companies that would be receptive to white-listing their services. To that end, we harnessed the power of LinkedIn to effectively penetrate their target market.

Right Now's Results

Right Now Group was still in its nascent stages when we first commenced our project, which placed an acute emphasis on providing them with optimal returns on their investment. We worked tirelessly for a year to cultivate a robust clientele and help elevate their business to the next level. Our efforts proved so successful that they eagerly renewed our contract in 2019, signaling a strong vote of confidence in our partnership. To launch our campaign, we embarked on a LinkedIn outreach initiative aimed at establishing a meaningful rapport with Right Now Group's target audience. Our concerted efforts resulted in engaging with a whopping 1,200 potential clients, whom we thoughtfully educated on the value of the services in question.

  • 60% Increase in Engagements.
  • Strong network of 5000 connections.
  • 180% Increase in Monthly Revenue.
  • Right Now's Feedback

    One of the most outstanding attributes of is their proactive approach to addressing any concerns. Their attentiveness and ongoing support have been nothing short of exceptional, contributing significantly to our incredible success over the past year. Working alongside them has been an absolute pleasure, and we have undoubtedly experienced substantial business growth as a direct result of their contributions. We wholeheartedly endorse as a go-to partner for any and all sales processes. Wishing them Luck!

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