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50 employees

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3 members


Portagon is the ultimate solution for end-to-end digital distribution in the private capital market. Breaking through the regulatory complexity of raising and intermediating capital for companies is no small feat. However, with Portagon's cutting-edge software, the process has been revolutionized, delivering a simple, digital, and legally compliant approach to all decision-making processes.

Enter the future of digital distribution in the private capital market with Portagon. Their state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and unrivaled ecosystem work in unison to connect a wide array of stakeholders, fostering seamless and secure transactions that are both rapid and cost-efficient. With Portagon, end-to-end digital distribution has never been easier.

With its cutting-edge technological infrastructure and unparalleled ecosystem, they seamlessly connect a diverse range of stakeholders to facilitate secure, rapid, and cost-efficient transactions.

Portagon's Goals

Portagon subscribed to our services to manage their company's linkedin page, Founders LinkedIn account, requiring us to closely collaborate with the sales team to provide regular dashboard updates. Our mandate was to post three times a day, utilizing a variety of strategies to effectively engage with the small niche market on LinkedIn. We leveraged our expertise to tailor our approach, ensuring maximum impact and results.

Portagon's Results

With a diligent and focused approach, we took charge of our client's LinkedIn presence, creating a dynamic content strategy by posting three times on their company page. In addition, we seamlessly managed communication on the founder's personal account, generating a wealth of appointments and forging strong connections with the target market. Our tailored messaging approach was key, facilitating direct communication with the niche audience and successfully scheduling appointments with the sales team.

  • We managed to increase the over all enagagement on company page by 45%
  • With our solid outreach strategies we managed to increase response rate by 60% in first 2 months
  • Portagon's Feedback

    They offered an added benefit by including human expertise to build valuable lead lists. Working with intelligent people who can quickly adapt to complex requirements and consistently deliver high-quality results.

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