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Kubermatic's multi-cloud platform empowers you to manage multiple kubernetes clusters seamlessly. This enables users to streamline the management of 1000s of k8s clusters from a single user interface, making Kubermatic the world's most adaptable and autonomous software delivery platform.

Kubernetes Project started in 2019, they develop enterprise-grade software solutions and provided professional services and support to safely navigate and accelerate the cloud native transformation. The open source Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform makes it easy to operate thousands of Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure.

  • Most adaptable and autonomous software delivery platform.
  • They help IT teams worldwide to fully automate their Kubernetes.
  • Managing and operating thousands of Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure.
  • Kubermatic's Goals

    We set out on a mission to aid Kubernetes in their B2B appointment setting endeavors. Our mission was to boost Kubernetes' outreach for b2b Appointment Setting, specifically targeting businesses seeking effective solutions. They were on the hunt for businesses that would opt for their cutting-edge solutions, and we aimed to seek out the foremost Founders, Chief Technology Officers, and Directors of IT in such organizations. Though our target market was incredibly narrow, our team defied the odds and secured appointments with potential clients that surpassed the expectations of our client. We have since continued working together as trusted sales partners, each committed to the other's success.

    Kubermatic's Results

    we took a laser-focused approach in identifying Kubernetes' niche target market. We then crafted a comprehensive outreach plan and enlisted a trio of top-notch sales experts to carry it out. In the initial month, our team engaged with over 4,000 potential clients from Kubernetes' target market and successfully secured 12 high-quality appointments. From day one, it became our primary goal to generate appointments that would undoubtedly lead to successful sales.

  • 32% Increase in Conversions with our outreach strategies.
  • 95% Accuracy in scheduled appointments.
  • 250% Increase in Monthly Revenue.
  • Kubermatic's Feedback

    Collaborating with them enhanced the human element in sourcing potential clients for our service. The brilliance of working alongside agile and astute professionals who consistently deliver high-quality appointments is truly remarkable, particularly given the intricacy of our specific requirements. The value of their human touch is simply unparalleled.

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