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Flex Jobs

Flex-jobs revolutionizes the way businesses and startups find top-tier talent with its cutting-edge talent-finding service. Through their innovative platform, Flex-jobs provides a two-sided marketplace where Clients can discover skilled developers and engineers ("Talent") using a unique search function on the Flexjobs app. Clients have the ability to tailor their search by selecting relevant skills, viewing profiles, and connecting directly within the flex jobs app. What's more, Clients can easily submit a job or project proposal and request a meeting with the Talent if their proposal is accepted. With Flex-jobs, finding the perfect Talent for your business has never been easier.

Flex Job's Goals

Flex jobs goal was to find top-tier talent leads, including Software Developers, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Web Designers, Ops Engineers, Technical Architects, QA & Testing professionals across various platforms. To achieve this, we leveraged real-time data to compile a comprehensive list of leads that included vital information such as First Name, Last Name, Personal Email address, Personal phone number, Title, LinkedIn URL, Current Position, Company name, Address, Country Name, City, Zip code, Spoken language, Experience, Programming skills and Technology skills.

Once we had compiled this data, we seamlessly integrated it into our client's sales funnel to help them boost their recruitment efforts. Our services also included filtering out irrelevant leads and initiating an outreach email campaign, while ensuring that we didn't spam the recipients.

Through a personalized approach, we made a genuine connection with these leads and provided them with pertinent information about flex jobs. At every step of the process, our aim was to ensure that our clients received high-quality leads and enjoyed a seamless recruitment experience.

Flex Job's Results

In under six months, we identified an impressive 15,000 Talent Leads for flexjobs. Our team meticulously verified all fields before adding these leads to our client's funnel, ensuring an exceptional 90-95% accuracy rate.

To maximize the potential of these leads, we designed a bespoke email outreach strategy and were careful to keep spam rates under control.

The results speak for themselves: our efforts led to a significant

  • 32% increase in conversions for our client, with an outstanding email accuracy rate of 95%.
  • These remarkable figures resulted in a phenomenal 250% increase in monthly revenue, proving that our services not only met, but exceeded our client's expectations.
  • Flex Job's Feedback

    Working with FUNEL.IO provides the additional benefit of human involvement in building valuable lead lists. Working with intelligent people who adjust quickly and deliver high-quality leads is terrific.

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