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Drop Key

Drop Key! With its innovative streaming software that seamlessly merges green screens with cutting-edge technology, Drop Key is changing the game for content creators everywhere.

  • Drop key has integrated technology with green screens to provide a fresh and distinct user experience for its clients.
  • To assist video producers, they have in-house tech and support teams. The software includes filters, video editing, and cloud storage.
  • It's a simple setup process for video or content providers to get started.
  • Drop Key's Goals

    Our goal was ambitious - to achieve 2500+ outreach in just one month. But with our expertise and determination, we were able to hit that target and beyond, making meaningful connections with creatives around the world. It was an intense effort, but seeing the impact Drop Key has made on the industry made it all worth it.

    Drop Key's Results

    Our team's efforts to promote Drop Key on multiple social media networks paid off in a big way. We were able to exceed our target of 2500+ outreach in just one month, opening up a world of opportunities for the brand.

    Not only did we build strong connections with video artists and photographers, but we also helped Drop Key develop relationships with video production companies. This expansion of their network was a major win for the brand, and we were proud to have played a role in their success.

  • Successfully launched four marketing campaigns for drop key
  • Reached out to over 2500+ artists, photographers and video production companies.
  • 100% Increase in Monthly during the first month .
  • Drop Key's Feedback

    Thanks to their efforts, we've seen a significant increase in high-quality leads, and both prospects and our sales team have given positive feedback. The team at Funnel is adaptable, reliable, and open-minded, always willing to try new ideas.

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