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Contract Book

Contract book is a cloud-based solution for innovative businesses that understand the value of seamless contract management. Contract management software that empowers your team to create, track, eSign, organize, and connect contracts with ease.

Contracts can be a nightmare - they're often scattered across emails, subfolders, and various digital nooks and crannies, making it nearly impossible to keep track of the latest versions and critical information. But with Contractbook, you can turn those static documents into a dynamic database that unlocks the full value of your data.
Contractbook is the smart choice for businesses of all sizes. Join over 250,000 satisfied users in more than 85 countries and experience the power of Contractbook today.

Contract Book's Goals

Contract Books subscribed to our services as they were looking to engage with startup companies in Europe, offering services that would help them promote their brand and raise awareness about their products. Our goal was to connect with 6000 startups and send targeted pitch messages to their key decision-makers, including chief marketing officers, founders, and CEOs.

Contract Book's Results

Our team developed a laser-focused outreach strategy to identify the perfect target market, and through sheer determination and grit, we secured many appointments and forged lasting business relationships with these forward-thinking companies. we completed the target of approaching 6000 startups.

  • We skyrocketed the response rate by a staggering 60%. Our messages hit the right notes and resonated deeply with the target audience.
  • Our persistent follow-ups and engaging communication helped build trust and foster relationships that would endure for years to come
  • We saw a remarkable 40% uptick in website traffic. Our approach was geared towards driving traffic and generating interest, and it's clear that our efforts paid off in terms of attracting visitors
  • Contract Book's Feedback

    Their expertise is unparalleled. Having worked with numerous sales and marketing firms in the past, I can confidently say that Funel stands head and shoulders above the rest. Even the mighty Google AdWords couldn't match the results they delivered. They optimized our costs, hit all targets on time, and working with them was an absolute pleasure.

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