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Consalio - The advisor spend management solution that helps management to stay in control of the advisor spend before the bill arrives and maximize the impact of external partnerships. Cutting-edge platform provides full transparency, enabling real-time analysis and proactive measures to keep project scope under control. Through smart automation consalio replaces manual reporting and analysis processes and saves time.

They offer real-time analysis where project leaders can proactively take countermeasures during a project, keeping the scope under control and delivering outstanding results. The simple and easy-to-understand dashboards, accompanied by background analyses, enable early conflict identification, realization of savings potentials, and comparability of advisor projects.

Consalio's Goals

Consalio recognized the importance of building strong connections with small and medium-sized businesses and subscribed to Funel outreach program to help them achieve their goals. Seeking a highly-personalized approach to social media outreach, we deployed a team of three expert sales professionals who worked in close collaboration with their internal sales team to develop a bespoke engagement strategy across multiple platforms, resulting in a thriving business network and increased visibility for their brand.

Consalio's Results

We used power of personalized outreach to establish a deep connection with decision-makers, founders, and CEOs of 3500 companies in Denmark. Our expert team of outreach specialists created customized strategy that resonated with the target audience, ultimately leading to the addition of 790 new connections and the scheduling of many key appointments. Our program was a resounding success for Consalio.

  • We managed to add new 790 connections to their network.
  • Product awarness to over 3500 people from target market .
  • 180% Increase in Monthly Revenue with funel outreach program.
  • Consalio's Feedback

    Working with Funel was an exceptional experience. They not only connected us with our desired target market but also provided insightful guidance on various sales strategies. We highly recommend Funel for their professionalism and expertise.

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