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Bein Media Group

Bein Media group is a top global media group focused on sports and entertainment worldwide. The organization, founded in 2014 and based in Doha, Qatar, is dedicated to extending the reach of its entertainment and live sports programming to audiences across the globe. With broadcasts in 43 countries and seven languages across five continents, Bein MEDIA GROUP aims to become a premier worldwide sports and entertainment media enterprise, involved in all aspects of content creation and distribution. The group's long-term vision is to create the greatest worldwide network of its kind, extending its reach into general entertainment and media.

Bein Media's Goals

We worked with Bein media group as a third-party vendor to generate leads for their expansion plans. Our objective was to create a sales funnel of 12,000 leads by providing them with a list of independent journalists fluent in Arabic language in the Middle East and Africa, which were their target markets. They also tasked us with lead filtering and accuracy checks, as well as launching an outreach sales campaign.

Bein Media's Results

In just 4 months, we were able to achieve our goal of filling the sales funnel with 12,000 qualified leads for Bein media group. Our approach included a well-defined strategy for targeting potential customers and utilizing the appropriate tools to execute that strategy. We began by gathering data from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google searches, which we then filtered using various technologies to identify the ideal leads. Our diligent efforts resulted in a 90% accuracy rate, 90% email accuracy in leads, and 17 fields per lead. This allowed Bein MEDIA GROUP to expand their network.

  • 90% Email accuracy in sales funnel
  • 17 core fields per lead
  • Campaign results showed a 75% view rate.
  • Bein Media's Feedback

    We were impressed with Funel's project management, communication, and professionalism throughout our collaboration. Their team successfully completed all necessary tasks and helped us achieve the exact number of leads with high accuracy. We appreciate their dedication to providing top-quality service and their commitment to helping our business grow.

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